Seven Dwarfs: Mining Mission

One year has passed since the seven dwarfs helped Snow White defeat the evil queen, and now they’ve retired to a quiet cottage deep in the forest.

But happily ever after is never that easy, and evil is rising once again! The evil queen’s followers plan to use the poison apple to bring about her malevolent return. Snow White has tasked you to destroy the devious fruit once and for all, and rumour has it that the only way to rid the world of its evil is to cast it into the very centre of the earth.

Now it falls to you to save the day. Answer the call, hoist your pickaxe, and prepare to dig deeper than ever before to defeat the evil queen!


Defeat the evil queen

This game takes you on an adventure to defeat the evil queen, by starting in the seven dwarfs' cabin, and taking you into the centre of the earth.

Fairytale game series

The team at Improbable Escapes has dedicated an entire facility to creating their own stories inspired by famous storybooks and fairytales.

Nostalgic experience

Inspired by Disney, our team wanted to create a fully immersive environment that would remind you of your favourite childhood stories.

Family friendly experience

The game development team at Improbable Escapes designed this game to be perfect for first time and well-seasoned experienced players.

SEVEN DWARFS: Mining Mission Online

Online games involve connecting with a live game master who’s physically located in the escape room. The experience is fully immersive and interactive, and players have a live host for the entire game. Online teams can be located all over the world, with players located in different households. After booking, you’ll receive a confirmation email that will contain a Zoom link. Send this confirmation email to your fellow players, so they’re able to join the Zoom call when it’s time!

Playing any of our games online is a different experience than playing it in-real-life. You’re interacting with a live host the entire time, and you’re able to play with people that you may not be able to connect with in real life! These types of experiences feel very different than in-real-life games, but are equally (if not more) fun! The online version of this game has won various industry awards.

The price is $29.95 per player (tax inclusive), with a minimum of $89.85 for 3 players or less. 4 players and more will be $29.95 per player. Cost is per person (includes any applicable tax), not per connection.

We recommending using two devices that connect to the internet; one for the video call, and another to access the online inventory and resources. This is a suggestion, not a requirement, but we find it makes the experience more fun.

We run a regular experience for 1-12 players. From 13-30 players, we run a different variation of this game. Contact us to learn more!

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Seven Dwarfs: Mining Mission in-real-life

Seven Dwarfs Mining Mission is located at Improbable Escapes Wonderland (west-end location), at 500 Gardiners Road, Unit 12A.

This game has a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 14 players. After your group size exceeds 7 players, we change the format of the game into “competition mode”. In this mode, the group is split in half, and both halves are in the game competing at the same time. Contact us if you have any questions about this! It’s a very popular gameplay style at Improbable Escapes.

No! All of our games are private bookings, which means no one else will be added.

This family-friendly game is a more easier experience, and appropriate for all ages.

The price is $29.95 per player (tax inclusive), with a minimum of $89.85 for 3 players or less. 4 players and more will be $29.95 per player. 

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Need any help?

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