Escape Room Price List

Online escape rooms

All of our online escape rooms are: $25 per player, minimum of $75 for 3 players or less. 4 players and more will be $25 per player. Cost is per person (plus HST), not per connection.

Our online games: Neverland: Heist on the High Seas, Seven Dwarfs: Mining Mission, The Cure for the Common Zombie, The Hot Chocolate Incident, The Triwizard Trials

In-real-life escape rooms (Temporarily closed due to provincial stay-at-home order)

The Hot Chocolate Incident  – $25 + tax per player
The TriWizard Trials — $25 + tax per player
Love Letter Lockdown — $25 + tax per player
Coroner’s Report – $25 + tax per player
Neverland: Heist on the High Seas — $25 + tax per player
Seven Dwarfs: Mining Mission — $25 + tax per player
Legend of the Mayan Temple – $25 + tax per player
The Cure For The Common Zombie — $25 + tax per player
Who Let the Cats Out? – $19.99 + tax per player
Kingston Conspiracy – $19.99 + tax per player