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Are you looking for a way to connect with friends or family across different households and cities? Play a fully interactive online escape room! All you need is an internet connection.

At Improbable Escapes, our games involve a game master or actor guiding you along your entire experience. They’re physically located inside our floor to ceiling immersive escape rooms, where they’re your proxy or avatar. They’re your eyes, ears, and hands within a game; helping you complete your mission. Join them over a Zoom call, where you’ll be interacting with your teammates while being thoroughly entertained.

Online Escape Rooms

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Online Escape Rooms

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How an Online Escape Room Works

  1. After you make a booking, you’ll receive a booking confirmation email. In that email, you will see a Zoom meeting link, as well as any other additional information you would need for your game. Make sure you have Zoom downloaded prior to your game; it’s free!
  2. Forward the booking confirmation email to all of the players in your booking, so they’ll have all of the information they need to be able to join you. Your players can be located in different households across the world!
  3. 15 minutes prior to your game, join the Zoom meeting to ensure that you and your teammates are there on time and having no technical issues. We suggest using one device for the zoom call, and another to follow our inventory system on our website with additional resources to help you with your game. (You can use a phone and laptop, for example!)
  4. Your game master will join the call, and they’ll give you an introduction to the game. They’re one of your teammates, and you can interact with them for the entire game!

Check out one of our game masters running an online escape room!

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