Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated June 11, 2021.

Online Games

You’ll connect to a video call with a game master via Zoom. Your game master will be your avatar, to help guide you around the physical game. They’re like your teammate – they can help you and can provide help when needed, but you’re in control!

The price for our online games are per person.

We have a minimum of 2 players for all of our online games except for Neverland: Heist on the High Seas which is a minimum of 3 players. We can accommodate up to 30 people per game. Over 12 players, the format will change a bit, but the game will remain the same!

No, our bookings are private.

We’re located in Eastern Standard Time. When you book, please note that all of the times listed are in Eastern Standard Time!

Shoot us an email at and we will do our best to accommodate.

No, we only have waivers for our in-real-life teams.

In-Real-Life FAQ

We are currently under provincial lockdown and are not open to the public. However, you can book online games!


We are taking a variety of extra precautions, including but not limited to:

  • All staff are pre-screened before entering our facilities.
  • Everyone must either use hand sanitizer or wash their hands before being allowed to enter our facilities.
  • Board game curators will be pulling games for customers to play
  • After board game play, board games will be sanitized if applicable, otherwise placed in “quarantine” for 48 hours
  • Board game library access will be limited to 3 hours, to allow staff to properly clean and sanitize between sittings.
  • We have removed the iPads from our table, and will be switching to counter service to reduce unnecessary handling in the cafe.
  • All seating between groups will have a minimum of 6 feet (2 metres) of space.

Policies FAQ

Short answer, yes. For future in-real-life bookings, it helps minimize contact between our staff and your group. For online bookings, it’s the most efficient! If your numbers change, give us a call! For any players that are no longer able to make it, we will issue a refund. For any additional players, we will charge the credit card on file, with your permission. Only exception to this rule is for our corporate clients – email us for details!

We allow for cancellations and reschedules 48 hours prior to your booking. If you cancel within 48 hours of your booking, you will forfeit your game, and no refund will be issued.

Board Games

Yes! Order by 2 PM daily and receive your game the same day. The only day we will not be delivering games will be on Christmas Day.

We only offer curbside pick-ups for board game rentals. (Please note, rentals are temporarily not available due to the Ontario lockdown).

Yes! Send us an email at, or speak to a board game curator directly at 1-800-570-0436 ext 5.


Please note that the board game cafe, board game rentals, and indoor escape rooms are temporarily closed until provincial guidelines allow us to reopen. Information below is applicable to our re-opening and not the current closure. All information provided will change in accordance to updated regulations. Outdoor games are currently open.

Board Game Café FAQ

We charge a board game library fee only for patrons that play board games. If you want to come to the lounge to enjoy a drink or bite, you will not be charged “cover”. This board game library fee ($5 + tax) will allow us to keep all of our games replenished and in working order. It also covers your seat for 3 hours as you are in the cafe playing games. If you leave and come back later in the day to play more board games, you will be required to pay the $5 board game library fee again. If a Board Game Curator is available, they will also be able to help teach you some games!

If you have an escape room booking with us, you will be able to play board games for free without cover 1 hour before and after the booking, if space is available!


No! If you’re dropping by to grab a drink, study, read, etc., you do not have to pay the $5 board game library fee. We ask that you be considerate of how long you are occupying a table.


YES! We are a family friendly facility. Children under the age of 2 are free with a paying adult.

Tables will be first come first serve for groups of 8 players or less. If you have a group larger than 8, please send us an email at to reserve.

Yes, but you will still be required to pay the $5 board game library fee, and you will need to check your personal game in/out. The $5 board game library fee helps us stay open. We don’t want your games to get mixed in with ours, so we ask that you check your game in with a curator when you arrive, then check it out as you leave.


Indoor Escape Room FAQ

An escape room is a live action adventure. You will be “locked in” for while you work with your team to find clues, solve puzzles, open locks, and escape! Learn more about what escape rooms are here.

Yes. To minimize contact between our staff and your group, we are requesting all payments to be handled fully in advance of your booking. If your numbers change, give us a call! For any players that are no longer able to make it, we will issue a refund. For any additional players, we will charge the credit card on file, with your permission.

We allow for cancellations and reschedules 48 hours prior to your booking. If you cancel within 48 hours of your booking, you will forfeit your game, and no refund will be issued. If you need to reschedule due to COVID-19 symptoms within the 48 hour window, you will be able to reschedule, without penalty.

No! They are never locked. You’re always able to leave the room in case of an emergency or if you need to use the restroom!

Our indoor games are an hour long. For our outdoor adventures, you have up to 2 hours to complete your game.

This depends on the game. We recommend a team size of between 4-6 people for all of our games. Due to COVID-19, we have temporarily reduced our team maximums to 7 players.

No! We have decided to make all of our games private bookings. This means, as soon as there is a booking made for the game, no one else will be able to join your group. It will just be you and your team playing the game.

The cost depends on the game. Click here to view our price list!

For the most part, no. We try to keep our games to a family friendly theme so everyone can have a great time! We do have one game that is not suitable for everyone, Coroner’s Report is a scary game and we do recommend a minimum age of 16 for this one. The Cure for the Common Zombie has a content warning, but isn’t scary at all and completely family friendly!


We have a minimum age of 5 for those that will participate in the game, children under 5 are free for the escape. We do ask that kids under the age of 11 be accompanied by at least one adult while playing the game.

Our Improbable Escape HQ location is on the ground floor of the Lasalle Mews building, in Suite 16B. There are no physical ability restrictions for Love Letter Lockdown. Legend of the Mayan Temple needs one person that is able to crawl and slide. However, Coroner’s Report and The Cure For The Common Zombie take place in the basement of our HQ location, and are only accessible by stairs. Our outdoor adventures require participants to be able to walk through our downtown area.

Improbable Escapes HQ: We’re located inside the LaSalle Mews on Bagot Street in between Princess Street and Queen Street. When you enter LaSalle Mews (through the Bagot doors), we are located on your left hand side in the same hallway as KOS.

Improbable Escapes: Wonderland and Board Game Lounge: This location is in the west-end of Kingston, at 500 Gardiners Road, Unit 12A!

If we’re open and have space, yes! However, we have limited staff on-site due to COVID-19 precautions. So please make a booking in advance to guarantee your spot.


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