Who Let the Cats Out

Who Let the Cats Out?

You and your crew joined your local neighbourhood watch. You thought you’d be solving break ins, robberies, maybe even a kidnapping or two. But your first call is nothing like you imagined.

…The local colourful cat fanatic wants you to investigate some strange occurrences.

Every day, more and more cats are being spotted on the streets of Kingston. If the rumours are true, someone’s been sneaking into homes at night solely to separate felines from their families. Who’s responsible for this bizarre crime spree, and what motive could they possibly have?

Can you and your gang attempt to solve this cat-astrophic conundrum?

This game us at our Improbable Escapes HQ location, in downtown Kingston. See map below for details.

Due to Ontario’s COVID-19 restrictions, effective December 24th, 2020, our in-real-life games have been temporarily closed. Please sign up below to be notified as soon as in-real-life games re-open, and book one of our online games to have fun with your friends and family from the comfort of your home!

Mission Details

  • Minimum 2 players, max 7 players. Price per person: $19.99 + tax. Full payment is required in advance for further safety measures.
  • Gameplay is up to 2 hours in length. The average team takes between 1 to 2 hours to finish the route
  • This game is played outdoors and includes about 25 minutes of walking, in part by Kingston’s beautiful waterfront. Please come prepared with sunscreen, water, comfy shoes, and anything you may need to ensure your comfort
  • Your mission begins inside Improbable Escapes HQ. You will receive a confirmation text before your game with further details
  • Games are private, which means it’s only you and your team playing together.
  • Please wear a mask during your interactions with our game master at the beginning and end of the adventure
  • The game goes on rain or shine, so please come prepared. In cases of extreme weather we may delay or reschedule your experience.
  • Dogs are welcome!