hot chocolate incident improbable escapes

The Hot Chocolate Incident

Winter’s come and gone, but the next Christmas is always just around the corner! You’ve trained your entire life to be one of Santa’s elves, and now you have a chance to join the North Pole’s Present Delivery Division.

The only thing standing between you and your dream job is the entrance exam, a simple rehearsal of an average Christmas Eve flight, featuring the big man himself. The hot chocolate’s plentiful, and there hasn’t been a workplace accident in 3000 years. So what could go wrong?…

In your case? Everything…With a warm mug of cocoa in hand, you take your seat at your control station, ready to prove to Santa that you can guide him on his way. And then, DISASTER STRIKES! There’s cocoa everywhere, on everything! Electronics are fried, the air fills with smoke, and warning lights are going off all over the place. It’s pure chaos!

You’ll have to hurry and get everything fixed because Santa’s about to realize something is wrong! Can you stay a step ahead of the one man who knows if you’ve been bad or good? The real Christmas might not be in danger, but the future of your elf-career is hanging in the balance!

Christmas is just around the corner...

Play The Hot Chocolate Incident today and prove you can be a part of the North Pole Present Delivery Division! You gotta prove yourself BEFORE Christmas… right?

hot chocolate incident improbable escapes

The Hot Chocolate Incident

You are one of Santa’s magnificent elves. You’ve been working all year to prepare for this year’s glorious present delivery. There hasn’t been a workplace accident in 3000 years, and you’re determined to not let it happen tonight.

Preparing for a smooth night ahead…

You sit down at the control station to guide Santa along his flight with a hot cup of cocoa in hand, but then DISASTER STRIKES! There’s hot cocoa everywhere; on everything! The system is fried, things are smoky, and red lights are going off everywhere. It’s pure chaos!

Santa checks in to see if everything is running right on schedule, and of course, you’re going to lie and tell him everything’s good! You have to hurry and fix everything because he’s about to take off!


  • This is a theatrical experience with easy/medium gameplay and puzzles.
  • Family-friendly experience.
  • All games are private bookings.
  • Players do not need to be in the same location or household. We can accommodate multiple internet connections from different locations. Everyone must have high-speed internet. 
  • 1-12 players, can accommodate more by request.
  • Price: $29.95 per player (tax inclusive), minimum of $89.85 for 3 players or less. 4 players and more will be $29.95 per player. Cost is per person (includes any applicable tax), not per connection.
  • This game will be played from your home via an internet connection. 
  • An actor will be interacting with you in real-time, for the entire game. 
  • You will need a computer or smart device with access to Zoom (free). 
  • Make sure you have a pen and paper with you – it’ll help!
  • Looking to book for a large group? Contact us today!1

The Hot Chocolate Incident FAQ

This game is only offered online!

No! All of our games are private games.

Yes! You can read the awards and reviews we’ve received for this game below. Every reviewer described it as a great game to play outside of Christmas! Although holiday-themed, the game play and acting makes it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

This game is family friendly, and was even mentioned in The New York Times as a fun interactive experience for kids.

Our online games are fully interactive, immersive, and strangers will never be added to your booking; your booking is only for your group. After booking the game, you’ll receive a confirmation email with video call (Zoom) information. You can forward this email to your teammates that are not located in the same household as you! During your game, you will be interacting with an actor, who’s in the physical escape room. They’re your teammate; guide them around the space, ask them questions, and ask them for help! Our online games are fully interactive and immersive. 

This game is hosted by an actor, and the experience itself has some theatrical moments! It’s a blend of immersive theatre and escape rooms.

The Cast

All playing the role of Jingles the elf, helping you with your adventure!

Sasha Hill

Sasha Hill

Melissa Radford

Melissa Radford

Candice Burn

Candice Burn

Sam McWhirter

Sam McWhirter

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