The Hot Chocolate Incident

You’ve trained your entire life to be one of Santa’s elves, and now you have a chance to join the North Pole’s Present Delivery Division.

The only thing standing between you and your dream job is the entrance exam, a simple rehearsal of an average Christmas Eve flight, featuring the big man himself. The hot chocolate’s plentiful, and there hasn’t been a workplace accident in 3000 years. So what could go wrong?…

In your case? Everything…With a warm mug of cocoa in hand, you take your seat at your control station, ready to prove to Santa that you can guide him on his way. And then, DISASTER STRIKES! There’s cocoa everywhere, on everything! Electronics are fried, the air fills with smoke, and warning lights are going off all over the place. It’s pure chaos!

You’ll have to hurry and get everything fixed because Santa’s about to realize something is wrong! Can you stay a step ahead of the one man who knows if you’ve been bad or good? The real Christmas might not be in danger, but the future of your elf-career is hanging in the balance…

This is a theatrical experience with easy/medium gameplay and puzzles.

Yes! This experience was designed for all ages. We’ve had groups of children, multi-generational families, corporate teams, and many other groups play this game!

We run a regular experience for 1-12 players. From 13-30 players, we run a different variation of this game. Contact us to learn more!

All pricing is per person. There’s a minimum booking fee of $89.85 for all bookings, which is equivalent to the cost of 3 players. 

We have implemented this system to remove our previous 3 player minimum for bookings, so that  2 players can still enjoy this experience! If you are a team of 2 or 3, your cost will be $89.85 for your booking. For groups larger than 3, it costs $29.95 per person.

We require full payment at the time of booking – similar to buying tickets for a theatre show! If your number of players increase, we will charge the credit card on file for the additional players.

Yes! Jingles will be interacting with you in realtime from the North Pole. 

You’ll need a computer or smart device with access to Zoom, a free video conferencing software. We recommend having at least two devices (i.e. one can be a smartphone, the other could be a laptop or tablet), to have the best experience possible. Also, have a pen and paper with you- it’ll help!

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