What are Online Escape Rooms?

how do online escape rooms work?

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Connect with your friends from different households and locations, by playing an online escape room!

What is an online escape room?

Traditionally, an escape room is a 60-minute live action adventure, where your team is tasked with a mission to escape the room. To do this, you’ll be solving a variety of puzzles by find clues along the way. You’ll want to thoroughly search the room and communicate with your teammates to solve the game. 

During the pandemic, many companies began creating online escape room experiences to keep their customers entertained. In online escape rooms, the concept is generally the same as regular escape rooms, where your goal is to complete a mission within a set amount of time; except you’re not in the physical game space.

Avatar-Lead Escape Rooms

This is the style of online escape rooms at Improbable Escapes. In avatar-lead and guided games, you and your group are connecting with one of our game masters via a Zoom call. The game master will be in the physical game; they’ll be your hands, eyes and ears inside the game. You direct them around the space, ask them questions, and tell them to do different things to solve puzzles. They’re one of your teammates – they’re there to help you! They will provide hints if you ask, but otherwise they will guide you around the game.

Other styles of games include:

  • Online theatrical escape room: One of our limited-time online offerings, The Hot Chocolate Incident, is an online theatrical escape room. This is a blend between immersive theatre and an avatar-lead online escape room. Players interact with an actor who drives the storyline but also guides you through puzzles. Like avatar-lead escape rooms, you’re able to fully interact with the actor and ask them any questions that you have!
  • Digital online escape rooms: This type of game typically involves playing an online escape room remotely, without an avatar or in-real-life human to help you. In some iterations of this style, players are able to access photos and 3-D renderings of a physical game space and click on different areas of the resources available to search the room or try to find clues. (Kind of like a point and click game!)
  • Audio escape room: In this style, the gameplay is similar to a role-playing game. You are often guided by a game master via a zoom call, or via an audio recording. You’ll hear a story or scenario unfold, and you can tell the game master how you would like to proceed throughout the story, solving puzzles along the way.

How An Online Escape Room Works

  1. Head to our website, and take a look at all of our online offerings. Click on the one you’d like to book, and book according to the number of players you have. If numbers change, that’s completely fine! We can adjust numbers up until the game begins. If you need to cancel or reschedule, you can do so up to 48 hours prior to your booking.
  2. After you make a booking, you’ll receive a booking confirmation email. In that email, you will see a Zoom meeting link, as well as any other additional information you would need for your game. Make sure you have Zoom downloaded prior to your game; it’s free!
  3. Forward the booking confirmation email to all of the players in your booking, so they’ll have all of the information they need to be able to join you. Your players can be located in different households across the world!
  4. 15 minutes prior to your game, join the Zoom meeting to ensure that you and your teammates are there on time and having no technical issues. We suggest using one device for the zoom call, and another to follow our inventory system on our website with additional resources to help you with your game. (You can use a phone and laptop, for example!)
  5. Your game master will join the call, and they’ll give you an introduction to the game. They’re one of your teammates, and you can interact with them for the entire game!
Here’s a quick video on how our game masters run our online escape rooms!

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