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Love Letter Lockdown

Remember your first crush? How you desperately wanted them to know you? You’ve decided that you will be brave and write a note to your crush.

After slipping the note into their locker, you realize this was a terrible mistake. With the help from your best friends, you try to break into the locker, but you get caught. To detention you go! Will you be able to get the note out of the locker before your crush finds it?

  • This game can accommodate 2-7 players.
  • Private booking: It will only be you and your team in the game
  • Difficulty: Easy-Medium
  • Escape Rate: 36%
  • Perfect game for first time escape room players, but also challenging for veteran players

This game us at our Improbable Escapes HQ location, in downtown Kingston. See map below for details.

Game Details

  • Minimum 2 players, maximum 8 players
  • $25 per player, minimum of $75 for 3 players or less. 4 players and more will be $25 per player. Cost is per person (plus HST)
  • Family-friendly game
  •  All games are private bookings
  •  Easy/medium escape room experience
  • Are you looking to accommodate more players? Contact us!

Love Letter Lockdown FAQ

No! All of our games are private games.

There is a small crawling component, however only one player is required to complete them or can be opted out of and their game host can guide the team past those points.

This game is family friendly.

Yes, this game is a great base to start your escape adventures.

The minimum is 2 players and the maximum is 7, as we adjust due to COVID-19. After we feel confident to do so, we will be resuming our prior higher maximum amount of players.

The escape rate is around 35%.

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