improbable escapes mayan temple

Legend of the Mayan Temple

You have been tasked with a new mission by your archaeological team: you must enter a Mayan temple and secure the lost cup of the King. You gather your most trusted allies, jump in a helicopter, and embark on an adventure to find this highly sought after cup that has been missing for thousands of years.

You and your team must be prepared to crawl through the jungle, slide into the temple, and discover the ancient secrets of the Mayan people. This comes with one catch: the helicopter will leave in one hour, with or without you.

If any member of your group has mobility issues, please contact us prior to booking your experience

This game is at our Improbable Escapes HQ location, in downtown Kingston. See map below for details.

Game Details

  • Minimum 2 players, maximum 8 players
  • $25 per player, minimum of $75 for 3 players or less. 4 players and more will be $25 per player. Cost is per person (plus HST)
  • Family-friendly game
  •  All games are private bookings
  • Difficult/challenging escape room experience
  • Are you looking to accommodate more players? Contact us!

Legend of the Mayan Temple FAQ

No. All of our games are private games. Once your team has booked the game, no one else will be added to it.

There is a small crawling and jumping aspect, however only one player is required to complete them or can be opted out of and their game host can guide the team past those points.

No, this game is not scary.

The Legend of the Mayan Temple is one of our most challenging games. It is not IMPOSSIBLE, just improbable.

Yes its family friendly. Kids can play as much as they are allowed to. Given the chance they can figure out things faster that some adults.

The minimum is 3 players and the maximum is 8 as we adjust due to COVID-19. After we feel confident to do so, we will be resuming our prior higher maximum amount of players.

No. We use animal props but none of them are alive.

The escape rate is around 23%

The team score is made up of time left to escape, how many puzzles solved, how many clues used, and whether players have successfully completed the bonus puzzle.

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