The Mysterious Miseries of Franklin N. Stein

At the top of a hill, at the far edge of town,
Stands a house where a family, was once happily found.

The brickwork is crumbling, the paint is all peeled,
The windows are boarded, and the front door is sealed.

The grass is all dead, as if ravaged by drought.
No one goes in, and no body comes out.

But on a very clear evening, if your view is just right,
If you squint and look carefully, you might see a light.

At the tippety top of the rickety tower,
Swings the loneliest lantern, and it burns for one hour.

No one knows how it gets there, or who puts it out,
But it indicates someone, or something’s about.

And up at the peak, in a thick misty shroud,
Brews a storm that’s becoming alarmingly loud.

A dark cloak of droplets, punctured by brightening,
A clap, and a boom! And mad stabs of lightning!

The thunderclouds creep, t’ward the town more each night,
And slowly, our hamlet’s succumbing to fright.

And when the squall passes, if none of you speak,
You can listen, and hear what begins as a shriek.

It pierces the moonlight and rattles your bones,
And as fast as it comes, it descends, into moans.

It carries for miles, scares each man, child, and mouse,
Is something alive in that creaky old house?

A prisoner? A monster? A criminal kind?
There’s no hint and no clue, no suggestion nor sign.

So please, take a look,
And see what you find,
In the abandoned estate,
Of one Franklin, N, Stein


High Tech

This is Improbable Escapes' most innovative game yet, with technology introduced into an escape room environment in a new fun & exciting way.

Story driven Game Play

This fully immersive game tells players a story as they solve puzzles and advance throughout the escape room.

75 minutes to win

Unlike our other escape room games, this game is 75 minutes long!

Family friendly experience

This game can be enjoyed by players of all ages! It's our twist on a classic tale.

Frequently Asked Questions

It was not designed as a horror or scary game. There are some creepy elements, but there isn’t anything in the game intended to scare any players.

No! All of our games are private games. No strangers will be added to your booking.

This game is located at Improbable Escapes Wonderland, our west-end facility located at 500 Gardiners Road, Unit 2A, Kingston, ON. 

This game currently has a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 8 players.

Please note that children under twelve require adult supervision in our escape rooms. 

This 75 minute game is $34.95 + tax per person.

Yes, please note that this is an element of this game.

The novel Frankenstein, The Haunted Mansion in Disney World, old horror movies, Adam West Batman, Steampunk, and more! Come play the game and witness the beauty of the environment.

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