Coroner's Report

It’s rumoured that Lasalle Mews used to be a hospital. It was called ‘Ambrosia General Hospital’ and it was shut down under mysterious circumstances.

It later came to light that the doctors of the hospital were doing strange experiments and dissections on their patients. So, the hospital was shut down, and abandoned. But one day, you folks are walking by LaSalle Mews and decide it’s a great idea to go and explore this abandoned hospital.

Two go inside, while the others keep watch outside. Soon after, screams of terror come from inside, and the others go running in after their friends. But, the door slams shut behind them. You are all now locked inside.

Can you escape Ambrosia General Hospital?


horror escape room game

Coroner's Report has been a crowd favourite for years. Our team used their experience in both game design and haunted houses to create this experience.

Atmospheric Set Design

This set was designed specifically for a horror game, with inspiration from haunted houses and some of our favourite horror movies.

Abandoned hospital

You and your friends are on a mission to explore an abandoned, and potentially haunted, hospital. Are you up for this terrifying challenge?

Warning: Extreme Content

Due to the nature of this game, we recommend that all players should be over the age of 16+. Please have any younger players accompanied by an adult.

Frequently Asked Questions

All pricing is per person. There’s a minimum booking fee of $95.85 for all bookings, which is equivalent to the cost of 3 players. 

We have implemented this system to remove our previous 3 player minimum for bookings, so that  2 players can still enjoy this experience! If you are a team of 2 or 3, your cost will be $95.85 for your booking. For groups larger than 3, it costs $31.95 per person.

We require full payment at the time of booking – similar to buying tickets for a theatre show! If your number of players increase, we will charge the credit card on file for the additional players.

No! All of our games are private games. No strangers will be added to your booking.

We recommend that players for this game should be over the age of 16. Any younger players should have an adult present with them.

This game is located at Improbable Escapes HQ, our facility in downtown Kingston, ON, Canada. 

This game has a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 7.

No, we can’t. This is a live-action horror experience; making it less scary ruins the experience and isn’t possible. If you can’t handle scary games, we suggest looking at one of our other games. Players may experience physical interaction with a scare-actor, and there may be intense jump scares. 

It is strongly recommended you bring your glasses if you need them for reading.

This game is located in the basement of Improbable Escapes HQ. This portion of the building can only be accessed by stairs. If you’re looking to learn more about the accessibility limitations in any of our facilities, please contact us. Our online games are a great alternative for those looking for certain types of accommodations – our game masters would be happy to tell you more!

Need any help?

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