Consulting for Escape Room Owners

Improbable Escapes opened its doors to the city of Kingston on July 1st, 2015. Emma Rochon and Melissa Eapen set out with a specific goal: to create a business that would bring a smile to the face of anyone who entered! After working in the industry for one year, Emma and Melissa quickly decided to pack up everything and move to Kingston. Kingston was the perfect place for an escape room business because of its size, the thriving downtown core, and the large student demographic. After Improbable Escapes’ first pop up game at the Drake Devonshire Hotel in the summer of 2015, the founders quickly found a passion for creating games in off-site locations.

This led them to create an interactive escape room experience at Fort Fright in October 2015. Ever since, Improbable Escapes has made it their company vision to try to make new things in old places. Improbable Escapes has created games at Fort Henry National Historic Site, Military Communications and Electronics Museum, Kingston City Hall, PumpHouse Steam Museum, Bellevue House National Historic Site, Murney Tower National Historic Site, and other facilities like Kingston Transit, McCormick Place (Chicago), Rogers Centre (Toronto), and for TransWorld’s Haunted House Convention.

The escape room industry has been steadily growing over the past decade. For the past 6 years, Improbable Escapes has created many brick and mortar games and locations, pop-up games, and games in partnership with different museums and historic sites. Our award winning company is excited to be a part of an ever-evolving and growing industry. Improbable Escapes has helped escape room owners across the world create games, including in the United States of America, Denmark, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates.

We provide consulting services, where we can provide feedback and actionable strategies to escape room companies or museums to improve their efficiency, effectiveness, and programming. We can provide procedures to follow, so that your company or organization can reach its objectives.

Our areas of expertise includes:

– creating programming at historic sites and museums for the millennial and generation z demographics

  • Creating onsite and off-site escape room experiences
  • Creating live action online escape room and adventures
  • Creating experiential activities that are mission-based
  • Creating theatrical experiences with activities
  • Gamifying history and educational concepts
  • Helping escape room businesses with marketing strategies

Interested in Our Consulting Services?

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