A Valentine’s Day To Remember

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The time of year is upon us! Here comes yet another one-off holiday with an all-too-specific purpose. It’s time for Valentine’s Day! If you’re a typical Valentine’s Day-er, you have probably gotten sick of candy hearts that are either too chalky, or far too cinnamon-y. Do you want to really impress your date? Do you want to make memories? Do you want to have fun? Improbable Escapes wants to be your Valentine! Oh, erm… not like that!  We’ve also got something special for all you lovebirds this year. No, it’s not a puppy, or other cute baby animal. If you’d like to know, keep reading about why an escape date is just the Valentine’s Day activity for you!




  1. You get to try something new and create a lasting memory!

  2. You’ll get to challenge yourself in a fun and creative way!

  3. We have plenty of different adventures and themes for couples.


  1. You’ll want to come back every week.

  2. You’ll feel really smart and accomplished. Yuck!

  3. You might get eaten by zombies.

What kind of Valentine’s Day-er are you? Have a look below and we’ll pick out your perfect V-Day  escape!

If you and your date are adventurers, your perfect date game is Legend of the Mayan Temple. You’ll definitely want to check out this action-packed jungle/temple adventure – just don’t let the helicopter leave you stranded! For the highly-competitive, this game also has a leaderboard attached, be sure to rack up as many points as you can!

Are you both sci-fi junkies? Do you go bananas for zombies and secret labs? Do you have dreams and aspirations of saving the world? Share your love of the undead with your Valentine. Save everyone from hungry zombies in our sci-fi fantasy The Cure for the Common Zombie! Just one of many ways to enjoy your date’s amazing brain. Their amazing, wonderful, tasty brain. Mmmm, brains!

High school sweethearts? Do you get nostalgic when you think about you and your one and only, passing love notes back and forth? We recommend the Love Letter Lockdown for your Valentine’s Day! Come and break your way out of detention as we put you back in the good ol’ days of recess, cursive writing, dodgeball, and boy bands.

Love isn’t scary enough for you on its own, eh? Brave! Calling all horror fans to the Coroner’s Report! You’ll like this one – trust us! We’ve got an entire game for those who appreciate the macabre, the treacherous, and the spooky! Explore the very abandoned, supposedly haunted Ambrosia General Hospital, and be sure to make it out in time. We can’t guarantee what happens after that…

Do you know another couple? Are you maybe crushing on someone, but it’s not the right time? Are you a strong, confident human who only needs love from their friends? Valentine’s Day can be a great night for a group outing looking to spread the love! Improbable Escapes has you and your team covered.

If you’re looking to establish yourself as the more intellectual and cunning couple, we suggest coming to Improbable Escapes for a double date. Alex and Dakota from squash won’t know what hit them!

Is your idea of romance a night in with your one and only? Improbable Escapes still has you covered! Come pick up one of our at-home Unlock! or Exit series games, you’ll be able to transform wherever you are into your very own escape room!

If V-Day just isn’t your scene, we get it. We’re also big fans of PAL-entine’s Day! Get a group of your best chums together, and make a memory that’ll last a little longer than long-stemmed roses.

Hey! The fun doesn’t stop there. If you come to Improbable Escapes, head over to the Santur Brewing Company afterwards for a $5 pint! We’re happy to offer you this very clue-y, very brew-y deal in partnership with our friends at Santur Brewing – you can check them out here www.facebook.com/SanTurBrewing/.

You’re probably wondering, who Improbable Escapes wants to ask to be their Valentine. We thought you’d never ask, it’s you! We want to be your Valentine this year, so any game on Thursday, February 14th can be played by 2 players! Call in to book an escape for two. Groups of four or more are also eligible for 20% off their admission! Use the promotion code love2019 to redeem your savings.

It seems that love is definitely in the air this Valentine’s Day season. From all of us at Improbable Escapes we wish you happy and safe outings filled with warm fuzzies, cute sentiments, electronic safes, peculiar shaped keys, locked doors, and… wait, what?

Happy Valentine’s!