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Beta testing an escape room at Improbable Escapes

Whenever we design a game at Improbable Escapes, we always go through a beta testing process. We typically go through multiple rounds of testing to ensure that our games are of the highest quality. Beta testing is an opportunity for real players to play the first iteration of a game to uncover any bugs or issues before we release our games to the public.

This is one of the most important parts of our game design process – without feedback, we aren’t able to improve our game design!

How does Beta Testing work?

We typically begin the beta testing process by testing individual puzzles, to ensure that they’re solvable and enjoyable. After this process, our game design team then creates a “rough draft” version of the game. This is the version of the game that we ask our customers to beta test for us.

As the game is in rough form, we anticipate speed bumps in the design potentially including puzzles that aren’t even solvable. That’s why we need your help! We rely on your honest and open feedback so that we can understand what the designers need to change before releasing the final version of the game.

We ask that when signing up for beta testing, you put aside 2 hours to be safe. Players may be asked to finish the entire game. Depending on the experience, this can take up to 2 hours to complete. 

Whenever we have available spots for testing games, they will be posted below. All spots are first come first serve, and completely free. If you’d like to be notified of beta testing opportunities, please fill out the form below and you’ll automatically be notified of any new opportunities!

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