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Brand New Game!

Live Online Theatrical Escape Room | Opening December 1st, 2020

You are one of Santa’s magnificent elves. You’ve been working all year to prepare for this year’s glorious present delivery. 

There hasn’t been a workplace accident in 3000 years, and you’re determined to not let it happen tonight.

Things don’t always go as planned though…

Limited pre-booking signups are available!


Click “View All” below to explore all of the exciting experiences we have available!


All listed prices below include tax, and is in Canadian dollars. 

Online Escape Rooms

Play from anywhere in the world!
$ 29
  • Players can be located in different locations all around the world
  • Great for birthday parties, corporate teambuilding events, field trips & more
  • We can accommodate groups as small as 2 players, up to 200+ players!

Outdoor Games

2 options available
$ 25
  • All themes are family-friendly and perfect for all ages!
  • Players walk through the streets of downtown Kingston while solving puzzles
  • Players take approximately 75-90 minutes to solve their mysteries!
Now open

Indoor Escape Rooms

Bookings will open once we're permitted to do so.
$ 29
  • 2 locations to choose from in Kingston, ON
  • Variety of themes that suites different age groups, demographics, and personal taste
  • Options available for birthday parties, field trips, corporate team building, bachelor/bachelorette parties and more!​
temporarily closed

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Visit us at HQ downtown Kingston, or at Wonderland in the West end!

New outdoor game Now open

Looks like we’ve got another mystery on our hands!

A beloved pizza delivery boy’s gone missing, and no matter how you slice it, this is one for the professionals. That means you.

Someone kneads to go undercover and now it’s up to you: dig in to the boy’s last route and deliver the truth, before another one bites the crust. This case is a real pizza work, and you never sausage a mystery.

Favourite Board Game Categories

Here are some of our most popular types of board games. Click “View All Board Games” below to explore the entire collection!

Favourite Board Game Categories

Here are some of our most popular types of board games. Click “View All Board Games” below to explore the entire collection!

Board Game Rentals

[This is temporarily closed due to COVID-19.]

Rent games from our board game library for a nominal daily fee.

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We offer free same-day local delivery, with other delivery options for other cities!

What Customers Are Saying

One of the most nostalgic and immersive escape rooms yet. Unique and interactive puzzles, gorgeous set design and a fairy-tale storyline ties this experience together perfectly.
Faith B.
Love love love their escape rooms. I have done all but the coroner's report and they have all been amazing. Fairly priced and well worth your money. Each room has unique puzzles which make each room different and a lot of fun. The also do seasonal rooms and outdoor ones in the warmer months of the year. Had to make changes to our group size a few times and it has never been an issues. Staff is always friendly and very helpful.
Catie Chamberlain

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